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Gennady Pratsevich is a professional photographer. Individual photo shoots and shooting commercials for business, videos and photos. Creative approach, knowledge of psychology and understanding of marketing tasks, formed a team of specialists who will help create the image – all this allows you to turn photos into real works of art. Work in the studio and on the go.


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Photographer Gennady Pratsevich. Fashion studio G-Models.

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Photo studio GModels photographer Gennady Pratsevich Khmelnytsky

Photos, videos, photography training. Shooting in the studio, outdoor photo shoots. Individual photo shoots and photo shoots for advertising.

Фотограф Геннадий Працевич Хмельницкий

Professional photography: key features of GModels photographer Khmelnytsky

A professional photographer is not just a person who has learned to use “hefty” technique. This is an artist who uses a lens instead of a brush and paints. He can expose the light, create a composition, use accents and accessories so that photos of girls not involved in the modeling business, were worthy to decorate the covers of fashion magazines.
And not only girls – a good photographer must be equally good at creating both a female image and a male image. He is an excellent psychologist, because his task is to teach him to be liberated and free, to show his soul. This is an image-maker, advertiser and marketer in one bottle, because the task of photography – it is advantageous to present the image. This is a man-orchestra, which must understand a variety of issues. Therefore, the choice of a professional photographer must be approached very responsibly.

A professional photographer in your city

Профессиональный фотограф в Хмельницькому

Own a photo studio is good. It is very convenient when everything is at hand and the work is “rolled”. Therefore, as a photographer from Khmelnytsky GModels, I prefer to shoot in a modern photo studio, where the most comfortable conditions are created, first of all – for the model.

But the difference between a professional and a beginner is that he can easily do without a photo studio. And therefore not tied to a particular place. In any location, in nature or on an industrial site, he will quickly expose the light and prepare everything to create quality photos. That’s why photographer Khmelnytsky Photo Studio Khmelnytsky GModels is always easy to climb, and can come anywhere in the world. Working in other cities and countries is convenient, because you can choose a specialist not in your city, but one who can take the best pictures for you. Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, Moscow – I am ready to come to you and we will work and take perfect pictures.

Фотосессия на улице фотограф Хмельницкий

Photo shoot for yourself: the best gift

Professional photo shoots in recent years – the fate of not only the top models, they can afford every girl, and many use this opportunity. This is not only a great way to replenish your portfolio and get quality and unusual pictures for your social networks (although this is very important).

But let’s look deeper. Today, many psychologists recommend their clients to arrange a photo shoot, it is a common psychological technique that allows you to develop self-confidence. Improving self-esteem after a photo shoot is achieved by comparing before and after: their fears, insecurities, complexes before and contemplation of reality, reflected on paper or in numbers. Yes, the girl believes that she is not feminine enough – the photographer will easily prove the opposite, allowing her to relax and show her sensuality. It is important for a man to be self-confident, strong and brave – and a photo of guys in the right way will also help to reveal these qualities.

Psychological portrait is always a challenge for a photographer. To liberate a person who has not previously posed for the camera, to help take off their masks and show their identity, is more the job of a psychologist. And this is the skill that is the main distinguishing feature of a professional artist from a craftsman.

Also relevant for men and women will be a business portrait – professional photos for use on corporate sites, social networks. They must be well thought out every detail, because these photos perform image functions – they should promote you as a brand, as a professional in their field.

By the way, an available promotion – TFP (free photo shoot) in GModels. We can discuss its terms by phone.

Unusual photo shoots
Психологический портрет фотограф Хмельницкий

If ordinary photo shoots are already commonplace for you and you are used to the lens, try something unusual. Art-photo, Nude and Art-Nude, nude nature – this is an experience that is definitely worth experiencing. It’s not only incredible
beautiful, but also allows you to better understand your sensuality, reveal sexuality, develop confidence, love yourself and your body. And naked nature is not vulgarity, but art. And you are the central figure of the work of art, its essence.

Фотостудия G-Models Хмельницкий

Services of a professional photographer for business

The huge role of the photographer in business development. It is good advertising that has made customers and CUSTOMERS talk about your product. We are, in fact, buying with our eyes, not our brains.

Creating advertising is a complex process in which many people are involved. Therefore, the person who makes a photo or video for advertising, must be the first team player. His task is NOT to show his creative nature and show talents, but to show the product as marketers see it and as BUYERS want to see it. He must arouse desire – even if it is a faucet or floor cleaner.

At the same time subject shooting is very various. A photo shoot of wedding dresses should be touching and luxurious at the same time. Video advertising wedding dresses should cause the girl inner trepidation. Photos of interiors should show the functionality of creating space, and convey the dream, the atmosphere, which created a designer – the comfort of home or the spirit of success, which is filled.
modern office. But during the photo shoot, you can be a little naughty and “dirty” models. After all, when the food is very tasty, it is difficult to restrain yourself within decency. That is, photography for advertising is also an art.

You may also be interested in selling ready-made photos for advertisements, private collections, printed publications, etc. This will help you with minimal effort to obtain all the rights to the image, which you can use for commercial or personal purposes.

Video recording

Продукты питания Хмельницкий

It is worth noting such a service as video recording. We can professionally shoot a video, videos for television or posting on the Internet. And our videos will definitely not go unnoticed by the audience!

We cooperate with modeling agencies.
By posting a photo on our website, you will most likely be noticed by a modeling agency from different countries and you will be able to get advantageous offers. There are many such examples of work in top modeling agencies.

Shooting a video clip of Initiation G-Models

Обучение фотографии Хмельницкий

Learning photography

I firmly believe that knowledge needs to be shared. Therefore, studying photography is one of the areas of my creative activity, and at the same time one of my favorites.
Teaching brings me pleasure, and I will be happy to teach you individually both basic photography and composition, and more “advanced” secrets of professional photography. I teach photo and video processing. We can also organize group workshops on photo, video and post processing. Maybe photography is your future and the world is losing a lot because you haven’t picked up a camera yet?

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